5.0 / April 10, 2017
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Shoot the blocks, do not lose the ball!The best arcade this year!You need to control the platform, shoot at blocks, destroy bricksand pick up bonuses! Pass all 100 interesting levels, destroythousands of blocks, there are no obstacles on your way! Awonderful game in the genre of Arkanoid, performed in a modern,stylish design. Beautiful graphics, great music, many levels, easymanagement and a huge number of different bonuses - this is whatyou need for a delightful game! Try your hand at block shooting! Donot lose your ball, be the best! The game is divided into twomodes: campaign and survival mode. In the campaign, you go throughthe levels one by one and you are given 3 balls per level, in thesurvival mode the levels change one after another, withoutstopping. In the survival mode you have three balls at all, try tohold on as long as possible and break as many brick blocks aspossible! Choose green bonuses and beware of the Reds. Each bonusaffects the quality of the ball or your platform, some bonusesallow you to play easier and others complicate yourgame.Features:☠️ great arcade;☠️ 100 levels and thousands ofblocks;☠️ in the genre of games arkanoid;☠️ beautiful graphics;☠️realistic physics;☠️ great music;☠️ simple management;☠️ variousbonuses;☠️ two game modes;☠️ free application.How to play: Youneed to control the platform, shoot at blocks, destroy bricks andpick up bonuses.If you liked the game, do not forget to leave arating.Here you can follow the release of our games, as well aswrite to us on any questions:VK -http://vk.com/public118388069Twitter -http://twitter.com/Asteroid_Games2

App Information Arkanoid Block: Brick Breaker

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    Arkanoid Block: Brick Breaker
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    April 10, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Asteroid Games 3D
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Play the pipes and smash birds. This game is great birdkiller andtimekiller.Game is very simple, click on the screen when birds willfly up to the pipes and crush them to pieces.Many types of flyingmonsters to crush, many background to enjoy playing hungry andangry pipes.Arcade game features:- One button simple pipes control-Combo killer counter- Stunning graphics- Ability to disable theblood splatter- A very fun and relaxing- Absolutely free- Funnyflying animals and mosters- Random mountains backgrounds- Good andinteresting timekillerSo what are you waiting for? Download hungrypipe for free! Get your dose of pure adrenaline and kill monsters!
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Mega Solitaire Card Game 9.0 APK
Famous card game - solitaire!If you like to play solitaire on thecomputer, then you will like our version. The game is pretty simpleand known to all. We have kept all the best qualities of a tapewormand optimized the game for phones and tablets based on Android withscreens of all sizes, so you can enjoy a game of solitaire. Wealso added a new style and design of the game, you can now enjoythe game not only enjoyable but also great graphics. Beautifulcard, new shirts and great music. Solitaire is also known assolitaire, Klondike, Spider Solitaire. If you like games suchgenres, be sure to Download our app and enjoy your favorite gameaway from home. For those who do not know how to play, webriefly describe the card in the tapeworm. The game consists of twomodes. Solitaire can be spread removing from the deck one card andthree (so more difficult). The aim of the game is to move all thecards in four piles Foundation (located in the upper left corner),and build up each suit from Ace to King. While playing, use thelower number of cards.Unlike other games that are running afterquantity rather than the quality of the game in which cards are toobright, our game is focused on improving the experience of thegame, a perfect balance of classic solitaire games and moderndesign that will satisfy all your needs in the game.Features:♣Klondike Solitaire 1 and 3 cards♣ Auto-completion♣ Leaderboards andAchievements♣ The sound can be turned on / off♣ Unlimited freegame♣ Ability to change the card style and rubasheh♣ The verticalversion of the game♣ The horizontal version of the gameHow toplay:Put in the upper left corner of the four stacks of cards bysuit from Ace to King.
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