1.0.1 / November 23, 2015
(4.6/5) (146)


Bubble Tap is a fun game for all ages.Thebubble Tap game consists of bubbles each having a uniquecharacteristic which you have to pop by tapping your screen.Pop thebubbles as fast as you can and get more and more score as youcan.
Consists of different levels Easy,Medium and Hard
Consists of different colors bubbles each having differentcharacteristic
Green Bubbles:- By tapping Green Bubbles you will increase yourscore and don't let Green Bubble go you will loose one life
Red Bubble:- By tapping Red Bubble you will loose one life
Black Bubble:- By tapping Black Bubble the game willterminate
NOTICE! Bubble Tap is an addictive game.

App Information Bubble Tap

  • App Name
    Bubble Tap
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 23, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email [email protected]
  • Google Play Link

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Fire Screen Prank allows you magic best realistic fire flames onyour phone either by shouting or touching your smart phoneYou wantto burn the screen. You want to burn your icons or pictures. Screenburn with fire background to join the program Magic entertain yourkids,Friends and neighbors using Fire Screen Prankapplication.Features★ Shout to the screen to make fire oneverything on the screen.★ Tap screen to make fire on everything onthe screen.★ Customize your app by settings.Disclaimer:Fire ScreenPrank is only for fun and entertainment and it does not really burnyour phone it produce only pictures of fake fire flames to producefun and happiness.
Caller Name Speaker, Speak SMS 3.1.5 APK
The feature was not available for Android users in the meantime.When you receive a call, new text message, the speaker will speakthe caller name or sms sender name. For Marshmallow and Nougatusers : Remember to give the application privilege to access yourphone. Also double check your phone text-to-speech feature. Ifstill speaking issue, go to Settings -> Apps -> Caller NameSpeaker -> Permissions and check if all required permissions aregranted properly. -------------------------------------------------Want to find out who is calling you or texting you without lookingat your phone? Caller name Speaker speaks caller name each time youget a call and speaks SMS text message, contents when someone sendsyou a SMS. It just announce the caller name clearly in betweenringtone reducing its volume! With Caller Name announcer it isreally easy to find out the incoming caller name and SMS sendername in different situations like when you are driving and thephone is in your pocket or phone is not in hands reach. This callername speaker will announce it for you without phone to look. CallerName talker uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine orGoogle Text-to-speech engine to announce the caller or SMS SenderID with phone speakers. Tip : To use Google Text-to-speech forannouncement on your Android device, go to Settings > Language& Input > Text-to-speech output. Select GoogleText-to-speech Engine as your preferred engine. On many Androiddevices, Google Text-to-speech is already turned on Thisapplication is like a Caller Name Talker which announces callername , announces SMS sender name and message contents so you canidentify who is calling and who sent you sms text message withoutlooking to your phone and you can easily choose whether reply to itor not! Caller name talker speaks the caller id of the personcalling over your phone’s ringtone. The application can becustomized based on the user requirements. With this caller namealert you can easily get precise, quality verbal announcementsimmediately since the app says caller name fast and clearly. CallerName Speaker will announce the following for you - ✓Caller Name ifit exists in your contact list otherwise calls ‘ unknown ‘✓Incoming SMS Sender Name and announces the SMS contents. Imaginehow cool it becomes when your smartphone announces the name of thecaller, SMS Sender or SMS Contents for you. Your phone becomes likea virtual personal assistant talking to you. This Caller nameannouncer is completely free to download. No need for phone to lookwhen you have Caller name Speaker. FEATURES OF THE APP HighlyCustomize your Caller Name Speaker. ✓ Enable / Disable anouncingCaller Name ✓ Enable / Disable Incoming SMS Sender Name Only ✓Enable / Disable Incoming SMS Contents also ✓ You can turn ON/OFFthe feature over the device's status. (Ring, Vibrate, Silent, In aninteractive state) ✓ Multiple times Announcements ✓ GetNotifications in top notification bar while reading SMS ✓ Tap onNotification to Stop reading SMS contents ✓ Press Volume Up /Volume Down to stop announcement ✓ Configure time interval torepeat playing caller name ✓ Lower the ringtone volume on incomingcalls ✓ Text to Speech settings ( Language, Volume, Speed ) ✓ Forbest voice quality, Download higher-quality voice ✓ Caller NameAnnouncer is completely free download. ✓ Select different languagesfor text-to-speech ( 40 + Languages supported ) ✓ Internal stringsare translated in 12 Languages ✓ Reset Defaults Feedback If youlike using Caller name talker, show love in reviews. If you foundany issue, write to us. - Caller Name Speaker will not work if yoursmart phone does not have text-to-speech library but don’t worry,you can download it from play store - Check the phone media volumesettings before blowing your mind and rating negative. It might bejust phone media volume is lower.
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Find easiest and fastest route to your destination.GPS Route Finderis your personal application through which you can easily Find allthe places you want to visit in the nearest possible time andshortest way. GPS Route Finder helping to save your precious timeby showing you quickest routes. It helps you not to waste your timein long routes.Unlike most navigation apps, GPS Route Finder givesyou the most optimal route and quickest route when you need to gomore than one place. You will save many hours of your own precioustime with our route optimizer. The most straightforward approach totrack your Route and Share it continuously with Friends, Family andColleagues. See your routes on a map in seconds, and send it tofree navigation apps like Google Maps, Sygic Maps, or Waze.OurPromise: ❃ This app is supported by Ads to serve you significantlyall the more better.❃ No In-App purchases or Service Charges.❃ Yourinformation is NEVER Shared with anyone. ❃ Location data is Nevertracked when tracking is Stopped, even if the App is running.❃ Wewill endeavor to provide Super Support. ❃ Email us at and we'll bethere for you.Features: Find anything Near By For Example ( ATM,School, Hospital, Police Station, Metro station, Bank )★ Westrongly recommend allowing Notifications.★ Alerts you when thereare tracking issues. ★ GPS Accuracy: Gives you extremely preciseGPS location. ★ Travel Mode: Having different types of travelmode.★ Find shortest possible Driving Route.★ Find easiest andfastest route to your destination.Support:✍ Please email us iffound any issue.✍ Happy to help and always looking for Feedback.✍Please review us your nice words in play store.Note : Continued useof GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease batterylife.
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Catch the Eggs is an engaging and addictive Trip Trap Simulatorgame and its FREE of cost.Oh baby girl, there’s a baby chicken thatneeds you very much ! Its eggs are falling… Oh, another egg comesdown … You can’t let the baby chicken down. Download and become anegg catcher right now ! Who can help the chicken catch them all ?The king among virtual egg catchers, Chicken Egg Catcher &Falling is the go-to simulator for every boy and girl ! You don’twant to see the eggs splash and they will if they fall down and youcan’t catch them ! Be quick as a mouse and nimble like a ninja. Eggis falling, Don't let it splash. Become an expert egg catcher. Jumponto the road to victory now for free !An egg splash is sorealistic; you just have to catch it before the fall… When you seethe baby chicken. No egg catchers were this fun before, but oh boy,this time it’s different… The game is on. It’s falling – you catchit. The road to becoming an expert egg catcher is not easy, but aninja like you is surely up for it ? How to Play ? ★ Your targetwill be to catch the golden colored eggs as many as possible in thebasket★ Catching 1 white egg will increase your score by 1★ Swipedrag the basket to left or right using your finger swipe or tap anyplace anywhere on screen to drag directly the basket to bottom ofthat tapped place★ If you catch a black egg , you will lose thegame★ Current score and the highest score is also visible insidegame★ Pause or Play theGame***********************************Catch Eggs is lovable andfascinating which is fun for whole family, mostly for girls andchildren.If you know someone who is fan of chicken games, suggestthem this one.NOTE! Catch the Eggs is related to addiction game.