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Real Chess 2.85
This app brings classic chess game into new dimension. Withadvanced 3D graphics you can feel all beauty of interacting withvirtual chess set. Choose to play with AI or with real opponents.Game Features:* Advanced 3D graphics;* Online gameplay. More than 1million registered users worldwide.* Matchmaking feature;* Chatwith opponents while playing online;* AI with 2400 levels ofdifficulty;* Hints for beginners - highlighting of possible moves;*Different themes of chess set;* 3D and 2D board variants; * Bothlandscape and portrait screen mode supported.
Highway Sprinter 1.1
Racing arcade with fast paced gameplay. Police, crashes, explosionsand madness on highway! Engine performance, brakes and suspension -all affects behaviour of your car.Keep your speed as high as possible while avoiding real dangerousobstacles.Each race will earn you money, which you can use to upgradeexisting car or buy a new one. Also there are ability to customizeyour car with decent amount of options.Key features:* Advanced 3D graphics and visual effects;* Visual damage system of vehicles;* Realistic driving physics;* Police survival mode;* Different cars to choose from.* Cars upgrade and customization;* Huge highway world with variety of traffic;
Tank Rangers 1.2
Blow up your enemies! Lead your tank throughbeautiful but challenging levels.Game features:*Beautiful 3D graphic and addicting gameplay;*More than 40 missions to challenge;*Different weapons;
Real Checkers 1.35
This app brings classic checkers (draughts) game into newdimension. With advanced 3D graphics you can feel all beauty ofinteracting with virtual board and pieces. Choose to play with AIor with real opponents. Game Features:* Includes еnglish draughtsand russian shashki game variants.* Advanced 3D graphics;* Onlinegameplay.* Chat with opponents while playing online;* Differentthemes of checkers set;* 3D and 2D board variants; * Both landscapeand portrait screen mode supported.Location data may be used forproviding you more relevant ads