1.5 / August 13, 2015
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Gunshipper Counter Attack is a top free gunner shooter war game.There is a terrorist enemies attack on our cargo sea port. Enemyhas attacked with the fully loaded military AK-47 guns, loadedmachine gunner jeeps and helicopters and it time to show youshooting skills and serve as a gun shipper commando for yourcountry against enemies. Do not give the enemies enough time tofire at your position. You have target to complete your level bydestroying all the enemies. Target your Sniper machine either youhave a scope for perfect target shooting skillsFeatures:- Completecargo sea port with real looking 3D environment of sea port- Goodquality sound effects- User friendly GUI and controls- Enemy AI-Efficient weapon controls & movementHow to Play:- Touch &Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gun left, right, up ordown - Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire machine gun.

App Information Gunshipper Counter Attack

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    Gunshipper Counter Attack
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    August 13, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Free Action Games : GHA
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    M-100 STC (Siddiue Trade Center) Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan
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Army Camp Gunship Attack is a helicopter action game that combinesstunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation. This gametakes is the best gunship helicopter games you've seen before. Hereyou will have different missions of wars to attack on army basecamps. These camps are real view of 3D army camps based in mountainand rivers. You will have to clear the base camp of enemies by allyour battle skills. A remote enemy base camp has been spotted atthe north region of country. As a best army Officer, you have beengiven a mission to clear the enemy base camp. The operationassigned to you directly from the GHQ.Mission:Your mission is tokill all the enemies. You might be attacked by enemy machine guns,encounter mines or booby traps. Shoot the target at will. Go &win the fight; wish you good luck.How to Play:- Touch & Dragthe screen to move your helicopter left, right, up or down - Selectany weapon missile rocket or machine Gun from right side smallbutton- Targets will auto lock whenever to close the enemies- TapFire button at bottom right to fire - The weapons will reloaditselfGame Features:- Complete army remote camp with real looking3D army environment. - Amazing Movie Quality sound effects - EasyGUI and controls- Enemy AI- Efficient weapon control- Efficientweapon controls & movement.- You can enjoy the best views inboth tablets and Phones.- Very engaging and challenging game play.-Fully free to play.
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Moto Bike Race Thrill is the fastest motor bike racing game. Youwill race in traffic roads and get the coins to unlock other speedythrills moto bike and become the best biker on the road. This gamehas an amazing racing game features with exciting race tracks tocompete with your extreme rivals. Be an extreme moto racer anddrive the world class sports bikes.Race on the roads against car,trucks, motorbikes, and other vehicles also catch the coins to buyother motorbikes. Once you crash your moto bike, you will lose andmust play again and again until you achieve the target.Game PlayFeatures:- Different bike selections- NITRO speed boost mode-Speedometer and acceleration option- Break option- HD graphics,cool music, 3D game- Drive and race near other road traffics forclose call and more points- Race in different game environments.-Download free motor bike racing game.
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Creepy dead target 2018 is one of the best shooting zombie game.Get ready to survive the zombie apocalypse in the ultimate firstperson shooter sniper game. You have advanced auto loader guns, sokeep your finger on the trigger your survival in a deadly world.You are the only one capable to stop living dead waves, destroy thezombie horde, survive and save humanity. Try this zombie survivalgame and survive undead becoming a real zombie hunter. Your missionto kill all the zombies coming out from buildings and save yourselffrom zombies attacks.Deadly free zombie apocalypse has just begun.A pandemic is lastly spreading, and people are starting to mutateinto some kind of walking dead. Humanity is in danger, and you havebeen called to help survivors by killing the zombie outbreak.Travel to Dead Zone, take your rifle and try your sniper skillsshooting the unkilled. You will need strategy, precision and coldblood to stop the zombie assault in this action shooter game. Keepyour finger on the trigger, survive and make head shots to everyliving dead!If you like First Person Shooter (FPS games), zombiesurvival games, zombies killing games, sniper zombies games, zombiewave survival and strategy war games, you will enjoy Creepy DeadTarget : Zombie Assassin 2018. It’s fun, challenging and has a veryintense and innovative gameplay that surely you will enjoy.KillerZombies weapons available :Pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniperrifles, shotguns, machine guns, howitzers and other mainstreamfirearms are all available; 16 guns include AK47, M4, M249 andother world-renowned firearms.The fate of human beings is in yourhands, and betting on the name of your zombie sniper and deadlyzombie killer also destroys these dead zombie. Dead Target is afree FPS game where huge waves of zombies come to you as thetsunami of zombies. Shoot zombies before the zombies invasion.Becareful, the zombies are walking come to town, and human survivorsmay face a big exodus to find safety. Survival is now in yourhands.Creepy Dead Target : Zombie Assassin 2018 is a free FPSzombies game where you can: * Shooting zombies in with epicweapons* Unluck zombie waves* Experience 3D shooting as a zombiehunter* Slay zombies of all types when you set your nerve to thehighest level